We are less than 10 days away from Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, and we just got a first video leak of the upcoming Galaxy Flip Z over the weekend.

The short video shows off folding and unfolding of the device once, with its super tall screen in action. It also presents a small VGA display next to the camera to show time and notifications when the phone’s folded.

It’s not clear from the video if the screen is actually using the rumoured bendable thin-glass display. If it ends up using the material, it’ll be the first device to use glass in foldable phones. Till now, all phones in the category have relied on plastic-based material to cover the screen.

This video feels quite exciting as clamshell foldables are more pocketable than devices such as the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. Both these devices were delayed several times last year due to problems in the durability of the display.

Meanwhile, Motorola’s clamshell Razr phone is set to hit the market soon. Another advantage of such a form-factor is that it’s easier to support apps, which don’t have to deal with two screens and a crease.

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